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A graphic rape case was being heard in court, and the young female victim was asked to testify. The judge asked her to repeat exactly what the rapist said to her that night. "I'm not comfortable saying it out loud" she replied, so it was decided that she would write it on a piece of paper which would then be passed along the jury and then to the judge. She was handed some paper and wrote on it briefly, before it was passed along the members of the jury. The last man on the bench was fast asleep, and the woman sitting next to him had to nudge him awake to pass him the note. He opened his eyes and took the note from the attractive blonde, which read "Tonight I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before". At this point the judge asked him to hand the note over. "I'm sorry your honour" he replied. "It's a personal matter"
Just saw the new Toy Story movie with my wife and kids..
Am i the only one whos been called immature for sniggering uncontrollably whenever one of the characters say that they want to be played with?
I was driving home from work today in the pouring rain, and barely saw a nigger who was standing on the side of the road waiting to cross.

Any later and I would have missed him.
The other day i overhead someone ask their friend jokingly if they were muslim and a terrorist.

Apparently butting in with "Whats the difference?" is politically incorrect and enough to get you punched in the face.