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qwertyasd's Jokes

The US X Factor sacked Cheryl Cole because audiences can't understand her.

How come, when I sacked Mohammed for the same reason, I ended up in front of a tribunal for unfair dismissal on grounds of racism?
Captain America: 6 foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, the perfect soldier.

Do you think when he was kicking those Nazi's asses he ever realised that he was kind of proving their point?
I thought the Dragon's are supposed to be the richest people in Britain.

They obviously aren't if they can only afford to wear the same clothes every week.
Cheryl Cole, the face of L'oreal, is reportedly ready to get back with ashley.

All he has to do is:

Get rid of all his friends
Buy a £10 million house in LA
Promise to impregnate her
Buy a new giant mansion
Never look at another woman again

Ashley has got to ask himself "is she worth it?"