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robstobbart's Jokes

My son came home from School today and asked me what the difference between Protestants and Catholics is.

"Well son," I replied, "Protestants believe that the Bible alone is the source of God's word and that no man on earth may add to God's teachings, whereas Catholics on the other hand believe that it's OK to fuck young boys up the arse."
After an emotional week for Liverpool fans I can't wait for the next game at Anfield! The atmosphere will be electric as 23 years of betrayal is put right and we remember our 96 fallen friends who can now be truly laid to rest. For all true Reds like myself it will be unmissable.

I haven't got a ticket. I'm just going to turn up and try to push my way in.
Bernie Ecclestone has ended his trial on a charge of bribery in a German court by making a payment of £60 million to the German government.

And they say the Germans don't have a sense of humour...