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scarfymaster's Jokes

My Dad's been really upsetting me recently, so I've decided to switch his shaving foam for the whipped cream!

...let's see how much he enjoys sucking shaving foam off my nipples!
I was walking down the High Street this afternoon.
Usually loads of women around but not today.
I thought to myself, "Where the fuck have all the fit girls gone?" Then I realised:

First day of school
I recently stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from a bank and I was caught on CCTV.
I decided to get plastic surgery from the best plastic surgeon money could buy.
When I got his number and phoned him up a woman said, "The number you have dialled cannot be recognised."

Fucking hell, he is good.
I started school last week and in the first class of the day i met this beautiful girl that i knew i had to get to know better. So we got talking I got her name and asked to meet up with her after school. We met up, went for a walk in a nice secluded area and ended up having the best sex ever!

Few days later I met a different girl and the same thing happened again, and now I'm not sure what to do.

But I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to give them both As on their homework