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shitabollockoff's Jokes

Last night I pulled a girl and we shared a cab home.

She started to stroking my leg and whispered to me, "Are you hard?"

I said, "Yes, Very hard".

She replied "Show me how hard you are..."

So I punched her in the face and kicked her several times then threw her out of the taxi.
I was at work today when my temporary boss called me into his office.
I walked in and he told me to take a seat. Then he got out a load of papers and says it was my history.
"Porn, porn, porn, porn," he read from the papers. Then he said, "I have never seen a CV like this at all!"
Saw a program on 'In It to Win It' last night. I was playing along with my family and then the question came up. It read - 'What was Barack Obama's profession before he was a politician. Imagine my confusion when the option 'Slave' didn't come up.