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thebiggdogg's Jokes

I remember doing French at school.

If you knew the answer, you raised your hand.

If you didn't know the answer, you raised both hands.
After work yesterday, I was driving home when some cunt cut me up as he came out of a junction.
Instinctively I gestured to him to let him know what I thought of him; however, this did lead to him pulling over and walking to my window.
After a lengthy argument, I thought to myself, 'Let's end this with a simple and effective "I fucked your mother!"'
The guy replied to this, "My mother died last Easter, you silly twat," which I'm sure he thought would stump me...

You should have seen his face when I said, "That didn't stop me!" and quickly drove off.
Last night my girlfriend and I had an in depth conversation about giving birth. She said to me, "Men will never know that feeling. To experience pain, confusion and a strange sort of delight all at once"

Now like me, any men that have ever coughed whilst taking a piss will strongly disagree.