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zuse86's Jokes

Iā€™m a copper and I have just been watching "vice squad" and one of the police officers just said,
"We deal with the production and supply of illegal images and video of an explicit sexual nature, including that of children under consensual age who engage in sexual acts, as well as the supply of drugs mostly in nightclubs around the city"
I wish that was my job description. All I have to do is find a Nigger and cage it.
During "Gay Pride" week, some inconsiderate little cunt put posters up all around the city claiming,

It immediately made me think.......

This can't be true, I've never had any gay experiences.
According to psychologists, if you show any of the following, you have the traits of Necrophilia:

- An interest in sickness.
- The belief that resolving conflict involves force or violence.
- An appreciation for machines over living people/animals.

None of this applies to me.
I just enjoy fucking dead people.
Has anyone else noticed on bottles of Volvic water, it says "1 Ltr = 10 Lts in Africa"

Fucking racists. I pay for my water, i want it all.
Must say, these postal strikes are working in my favour.

The amount of "cash for gold" evenlopes that ive picked up from the depo this week has been well worth popping in to collect.